Fang Yan (方言)

My name is Yan Fang (方言). I am currently a third-year master student at THUIR Lab, Tsinghua University. In June this year, I will graduate and embark on my journey as a deep learning engineer. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University. My research revolves around Information Retrieval (IR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), with a focus on dense retrieval and large language models. Additionally, I have a keen interest in Reinforcement Learning (RL) techniques, machine/deep learning systems. You can find my CV here.


  • Applied AI Systems

  • Video Games

  • Coding


  • Bachelor, 2017 - 2021

    DCST, Tsinghua University

  • Master, 2021 - 2024

    DCST, Tsinghua University